Cellulose fibre

100% natural

Cellulose fibre has been used for the insulation of buildings for over 60 years.

Our flake cellulose fibre is made from carefully selected newspaper paper and is therefore a natural material and its general characteristics are equivalent to those of the best quality construction materials.

Its sleek consistency offers greater yield and excellent reliability, and today we can state that it is a great material for of building upgrading and acoustic heat insulation.

This type of intervention is carried out at a low cost but it increases the value of your home even if it is repaired.

Maximum professionalism  

and experience in the sector

With cellulose fibre, you can insulate the walls of your home in no time at all (one day), with the minimum of disturbance.

The insulation of an attic requires at most a day's work, without any disruption to your neighbours.

By insulating the attic, in addition, those who live on the top floor will no longer have the problem of excessive heat in the summer with immediate improvement!

Save energy and money

Save up to 30%

Insulation work on existing walls, roofs, floors and attic attracts a tax bonus and allows you to achieve significant savings.

Consumption is reduced in relation to the thickness and density of the insulation used and can be up to a 30% saving with the use of cellulose fibre.

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